Cost of living in Ayia Napa in 2021

Cost of living in Ayia Napa

Country: Cyprus

Last updated: May 2021





Estimated budget for 1 person in Ayia Napa$EUR
Bread (400 g)*27 pieces, Potatoes (1 kg)*8.4 kg, White rice (1 kg)*5 kg, Onion (1 kg)*2.5 kg, Tomatoes (1 kg)*5 kg, Apples (1 kg)*3 kg, Bananas (1 kg)*3 kg, Oranges (1 kg)*2 kg, Chicken fillet (1 kg)*6 kg, Milk (1 l)*20 l, Cheese (1 kg)*2 kg, Eggs (12)*4 pieces, Mineral water (1.5 l)*30 l
258.21$ 244.27 EUR
1-room apartment in a residential area*1, Internet*1
466.00$ 440.84 EUR
Lunch for 1 person (budget restaurant)*4, Cup of cappuccino*12, Coca Cola or Pepsi (330 ml bottle)*10, Big Mac menu*4, Beer (500 ml)*5, Local wine (1 bottle)*1
140.10$ 132.53 EUR
Public transport (1 month)*1, Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)*5, Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)*20
91.50$ 86.56 EUR
Personal care
Toothpaste*1, Shampoo*1, Deodorant, roll-on (50ml ~ 1.5 oz.)*1, 1 visit to a private doctor*0.4
40.07$ 37.91 EUR
1 movie ticket*3, Gym (monthly subscription)*1, Cocktail at a nightclub*3
102.00$ 96.49 EUR
For 1 day, cheap varriant, per day in Ayia Napa$EUR
Hostel (for 1 person)*1 24.00$ 22.70 EUR
Bread (400 g)*1, Cheese (1 kg)*0.1, Milk (1 l)*1, Chicken fillet (1 kg)*0.3, Apples (1 kg)*0.3, Bananas (1 kg)*0.3, Oranges (1 kg)*0.3, Potatoes (1 kg)*0.5, Eggs (12)*0.4 10.57$ 10.00 EUR
Public transport (1 way ticket)*4 7.00$ 6.62 EUR
For 1 day, mid-range varriant, per day in Ayia Napa$EUR
Budget hotel (2-3 stars, 1 night)*1 75.00$ 70.95 EUR
Lunch for 1 person (budget restaurant)*3 30.00$ 28.38 EUR
Public transport (1 way ticket)*6 10.50$ 9.93 EUR
Food prices in Ayia Napa$EUR
Bread (400 g) 1.86$ 1.76 EUR
Milk (1 l) 1.64$ 1.55 EUR
Eggs (12) 1.89$ 1.79 EUR
Cheese (1 kg) 5.85$ 5.53 EUR
Chicken fillet (1 kg) 9.60$ 9.08 EUR
White rice (1 kg) 3.55$ 3.36 EUR
Onion (1 kg) 1.09$ 1.03 EUR
Potatoes (1 kg) 1.20$ 1.14 EUR
Tomatoes (1 kg) 2.40$ 2.27 EUR
Bananas (1 kg) 2.35$ 2.22 EUR
Apples (1 kg) 3.00$ 2.84 EUR
Oranges (1 kg) 2.16$ 2.04 EUR
Mineral water (1.5 l) 1.18$ 1.12 EUR
Restaurants in Ayia Napa$EUR
Lunch for 1 person (budget restaurant) 10.00$ 9.46 EUR
Lunch for 1 person (average restaurant) 21.00$ 19.87 EUR
Cup of cappuccino 3.60$ 3.41 EUR
Coca Cola or Pepsi (330 ml bottle) 1.00$ 0.95 EUR
Water (500 ml) 0.80$ 0.76 EUR
Big Mac menu 7.30$ 6.91 EUR
Standard dinner for 2 at a local pub 42.00$ 39.73 EUR
Alcohol prices in Ayia Napa$EUR
Beer (500 ml) 2.40$ 2.27 EUR
Imported beer (330 ml) 4.20$ 3.97 EUR
Local wine (1 bottle) 5.70$ 5.39 EUR
Vodka, rum or brandy 7.00$ 6.62 EUR
A pack of cigarettes 5.70$ 5.39 EUR
Hotel prices (1 night) in Ayia Napa$EUR
Hostel (for 1 person) 24.00$ 22.70 EUR
Budget hotel (2-3 stars, 1 night) 75.00$ 70.95 EUR
4 star hotel 144.00$ 136.22 EUR
Expensive hotel (5 stars) 260.00$ 245.96 EUR
Rent prices in Ayia Napa$EUR
1-room apartment in the city center 460.00$ 435.16 EUR
1-room apartment in a residential area 420.00$ 397.32 EUR
3-room apartment in the city center 630.00$ 595.98 EUR
3-room apartment in a residential area 560.00$ 529.76 EUR
Internet 46.00$ 43.52 EUR
Transport in Ayia Napa$EUR
Public transport (1 way ticket) 1.75$ 1.66 EUR
Public transport (1 month) 54.00$ 51.08 EUR
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.70$ 4.45 EUR
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 0.70$ 0.66 EUR
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 9.50$ 8.99 EUR
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.40$ 1.32 EUR
Household expenses in Ayia Napa$EUR
Deodorant, roll-on (50ml ~ 1.5 oz.) 5.10$ 4.82 EUR
Toothpaste 4.20$ 3.97 EUR
1 visit to a private doctor 65.00$ 61.49 EUR
Men's haircut in a barbershop 17.00$ 16.08 EUR
Shampoo 4.77$ 4.51 EUR
Fun in Ayia Napa$EUR
1 movie ticket 10.00$ 9.46 EUR
Rent a tennis court (1 hour) 25.00$ 23.65 EUR
Gym (monthly subscription) 42.00$ 39.73 EUR
Cocktail at a nightclub 10.00$ 9.46 EUR
Others in Ayia Napa$EUR
Levis jeans or similar brands 58.00$ 54.87 EUR
Summer dress (Zara, H&M, ...) 41.00$ 38.79 EUR
Sports sneakers (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) 78.00$ 73.79 EUR
Men's Shoes 107.00$ 101.22 EUR

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Ayia Napa - Prices and cost of living per month

Cost of the tour

The cost of the tour for two people is 877 euros. This tour includes roundtrip flight Moscow-Aya Napa. double room in a 3-star hotel with breakfast and dinner for 7 nights. Excursions were not included in the price of the tour, as there was no need. The sights of Ayia Napa are its unreal views of nature, sandy beaches, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffs at the foot of the lagoon.

Excursion Prices

You can reach all the attractions of Ayia Napa on your own, which is much more advantageous. You can rent a bicycle and you can get to Love Bridge near the center of Ayia Napa for 5 - 7 euros per day. You can also take a bicycle to Nissi Beach, which is one of the ten best beaches in the world. The price for a chair and an umbrella on Nissi Beach per person is 15 euros. To get to the Blue Lagoon and Greco, where there are spectacular views, you can rent a cab, which costs 20 - 30 euros, but sometimes a cab can be much cheaper.

Alternatively, if you've taken public transportation from the city to a distant attraction, you can catch a ride back, which can cost 2 euros per person. You can get to the sights by public transport for 1.5 euros. The average price for a photo shoot in Ayia Napa is 100 euros, but it's worth it because the Blue Lagoon offers spectacular views of the sea.

Food and products

The average bill in the establishments varies from 7 - 15 euros per person. The average cost of the traditional Cypriot dish fish meze is 15-20 euros for 1 portion, but because of the large volume of portions it may be enough even for two people. The cost of beer, freshies, juices and other drinks in 300 ml. volume in different establishments varies from 2 to 8 euros. In this case, the prices of drinks, including alcoholic beverages in grocery stores in Ayia Napa are much more democratic. For example, a 1 liter box of juice will cost 1.5 euros, and a 0.5 liter bottle of beer will cost 0.8 - 1 euro. Such dishes as pizza, sandwiches, salads in institutions cost on average 8 euros.

Souvenirs and other goods

Various T-shirts, caps, hats, beach bags with inscriptions and flags of the country will cost a tourist from 5 to 20 euros. Souvenir magnets for 10 pieces. 5 euros. Souvenir bags of olives and small bottles of rum or whiskey cost 3 euros.

The cost of services and entertainment

Renting bugs for a day costs 50 euros. To rent the bugs you need to leave your passport as a deposit and a driver's license is required. By the way, you can reach all the attractions of Ayia Napa by buggy. In addition, you can ride the buggy to the beaches. Buggies are the most popular means of transportation in Ayia Napa. The prices of cabs vary from 20 to 30 euros. Almost all cabs in Ayia Napa are small limousines. In addition to cabs and buggies, electric scooters and bicycles are popular means of transportation in Cyprus. Electric scooter rental costs 15 euros per day, and a bicycle from 5 - to 7 euros.

Wi-Fi in Cyprus is very expensive. In the hotel the cost of providing wi-fi for 24 hours a day is 10 euros per person but you can save money by using wi-fi in establishments where you lunch. In institutions wi-fi is free. The cost of sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach varies from 10 to 15 euros per sun lounger and umbrella. Ayia Napa is a place to party, so the general mass of tourists is young people from all over the world. At night in Ayia Napa start working clubs, around which the callers stand. Entrance to the club is usually free, but alcoholic beverages and food cost can be a little higher than average.

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